The Tour de France would be nothing without the fans – and neither are the Tour de France Fan Parks. Fortunately, we have our very own ‘superfans’, also known as Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are everyday cyclists who are helping to spread the word about the Parks, the Tour and just how great it is to ride a bike. We’re proud to have them on board!

Name: Laura Stewart

Nickname: I wish people called me Marianne Vos, but I’m more of a “Shut Up Legs” kinda cyclist.

Who are you??

I live and work as an administrator in London, but enjoy running, swimming and cycling all other hours of the day.

What was your first bike?

It was your classic bike for a five-year-old girl: pink, streamers and uneven training wheels that allowed me to wobble up and down my parent’s driveway.

And your first cycling memory?

 My parent’s house was on a street with a hill and an uneven sidewalk. Halfway down there was a perfect little jump you could take at speed and get the smallest bit of air. We’d start at the top and go as fast as our training wheels would let us over and over again.

What’s your perfect cycling day?

Any route that involves a lunchtime stop at the pub for sandwiches and ice cold Crabbies (That’s ginger beer to you and me! Ed).

And your favourite cycling location

The South Downs have been very kind to me on London to Brighton cycles and although I’m usually cursing the rolling hills at the time, I love the endless green space! I haven’t yet, but would love to get up to Yorkshire with my bike, too.

What one thing would you do to get Britain cycling?

Promote women’s cycling! The Women’s Tour earlier this year was so exciting to watch and organisations like Breeze, Velovixen, and Total Women’s Cycling are developing such an awesome community of women at every age and skill level.

What advice would you give someone new to cycling?

Don’t be put off by busy city roads. Get on a train, get out into the countryside and ride your heart out.

Follow Laura on Twitter: @ledavies