The Tour de France would be nothing without the fans – and neither are the Tour de France Fan Parks. Fortunately, we have our very own ‘superfans’, also known as Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are everyday cyclists who are helping to spread the word about the Parks, the Tour and just how great it is to ride a bike. We’re proud to have them on board!

Name: Lee Dunne

Nickname: Chompy – and it has been since the age of 12.

Who are you??

I’m a 36-year-old cyclist from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. It’s great for cycling around the Chilterns – and even better when the weather’s not so wet!

I work for an engineering company that produces heat exchangers for the nuclear power station and oil industry, with the odd Navy marine contract, too.

What was your first bike?

My first proper bike that I can remember was a Chrome Mongoose BMX with Dymag wheels and good old trick nuts (if you remember those…). I also had a red Raleigh Chopper, which I now wish I’d kept!

And your earliest cycling memory?

That’s me on my BMX doing a front ‘end over’. This involved me pulling the front brake too hard and flying over the handlebars into a lamppost. OUCH! For my adult cycling, it’s the memory of finishing my first sportive, the Bucks 100.

What’s your perfect cycling day?

It would consist of nice warm, dry weather – about 20-25 degrees centigrade – perfect tarmac, lovely green countryside and some testing hills, with an amazing café stop right at the top. I’d spend most of the day cycling, without punctures or mechanical issues, followed by a nice cool shandy. I can dream!

Where will you be watching the Tour?

Usually I watch the tour at home but this year I saw the Fan Parks on Facebook so I’m planning to watch some of the Tour with my cycling buddies there in London.

What’s your advice for getting Britain cycling?

Get out cycling, no matter how far or short. It’s one of the best things to do for many reasons – health, fresh air, the chance to meet more people by joining a club or doing a sportive. Taking up cycling again is the best thing I’ve done in years.

Why are you a Tour de France Fan Park Ambassador?

Where do I start? I love cycling, I love the Tour, I love big screen TVs showing the Tour and I’ll bring the SUN with me, too.

Follow Lee on Twitter at: @Chompy77